Lumi uses a zone-based system, allowing our Lumi Ambassadors to service the local community. As we grow and develop, we will be creating new zones, which will also service other local communities. As we expand, we will stay true to our value proposition - providing a community focussed, trusted, local, reliable and efficient service. Click here to see more about Our Service Area and expansion plans.
Lumi Ride is committed to providing children with a safe environment and it takes active steps to ensure Lumi Ambassadors are authorised to undertake ‘child connected activities’ and does not pose a risk to their safety or welfare. To achieve this, Lumi Ride implements screening processes, with all Lumi Ride Ambassadors having Working with Children Checks (WWCC) and National Police Check (NPC) for assessing and re-assessing Ambassadors who undertake ‘child connected activities’. Click here to read more.
If you require a child seat please pre-book 48hrs in advance and notify us via the rider notes function.
Alcohol cannot be consumed during a Lumi trip at any time. Passengers who are drinking will be asked to stop and drivers may cancel the trip at any time if passengers do not comply with this request. Passengers can be intoxicated but drinking inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
Yes. Simply pre-book and notify us via the passenger notes function. Please bring an appropriate blanket or carrier for your pet.
Yes, drivers can be tipped using the Lumi app. These tips go into a pool for all our Lumi staff, allowing us to give them a bonus at the end of the financial year for their hard work.
When booking a trip with Lumi, you can elect to make the trip recurring e.g. a daily commute to the train station. To do this click the "recurring ride" button, this will set that ride to recur at the same time for all days selected. (Please note, these are booked rides, if you decide not to use the trip one day, please cancel the trip before the driver arrives otherwise you will be charged for that trip).
Yes. When you have selected your destination, you can type in any specific instructions into the text boxes displayed below pick-up/drop-off. You can add any instructions you want, whether that is being picked up at the corner, setting the air-conditioning at a specific temperature, or selecting a particular radio station to listen to.
Private rides give passengers exclusive access to a trip. Whereas ridesharing allows Lumi users travelling on a similar route or to the same destination to share the ride together. This trip will be at a lower cost as the trip is shared. Our algorithm will calculate the ridesharing route so that it minimises the time impact. We do our best to ensure you reach your destination on-time, but the trip may be a little longer and have more stops along the way to pick up additional riders. Arrival times are subject to each passenger's punctuality.
You can call Lumi Ride on 70348355 for one of our friendly staff to book your ride.
Lumi Ambassadors are what we call Lumi’s drivers. This is because our ambassadors do so much more than drive. They provide you the passengers with the unique Lumi experience, going the extra mile to providing a truly exceptional customer service experience that caters to your exact needs.
Lumi works best with pre-booked rides. Lumi drivers are employees who work in shifts rather than contractors competing for rides daily as with other rideshare platforms. Passengers can book up to 15 minutes before the ride, giving our drivers sufficient time to get from where they are to where they need to be. Booking further in advance is preferable, which allows our operations team to allocate your rides to our drivers.
We have implemented an easily accessible Lumi Ride Booking Portal for local businesses in the zone to use, these include medical centres, car service centres, business centres and retirement residential facilities. Click here to see more about the Lumi Ride Booking Portal.
(Google map integration – POI icons of supported local businesses).
No! Purchased credit will not expire within your account, as it has been purchased by you. This will sit in your account, ready to use for whenever you want to have a ride.
When booking a trip, you can select either to "Depart by" at a specific time (not guaranteeing arrival time), or you can choose "Arrive by" which our algorithm will calculate the time to depart so that you reach your destination at the specified time. (It is best to book arrive-by for five minutes before set appointment to give you time to get into the location).
Replace paragraph with We comply with all regulations and restrictions regarding COVID-19 safety measures for taxi and rideshare vehicles.
Click here to read more
  1. Create an account
  2. Add a Payment Methods
  3. Select Pick-up & Drop-off locations
  4. (optional) add instructions for the driver
  5. Select “Schedule” in the bottom right of the booking screen
  6. Choose Arrive-by or Depart-by
  7. (optional) Set as a recurring ride
  8. Select “Book this ride”

Note: Pre-booking a day or more in advance guarantees your trip!

  1. Open the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select Payment Methods
  3. Enter Payment information

Note: There is a $1 verification fee when you sign up which will be automatically refunded to your account.

  1. Open the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select History
  3. This displays all previous rides
  4. To see more information, click the ride in question, or look at your emailed receipt.
  1. Open the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select Favourites
  3. Either click add in the top right; or Set Home Address/Work Address
  4. Name the favourite
  5. Set the desired destination
  6. Finalise by clicking Set Location on the bottom of your screen
  1. Open the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select Journey Credit
  3. Purchasing Journey Credit gives a percentage of what you pay as extra credit
  1. Open the Main Menu on the left
  2. Select Scheduled Rides
  3. Press either Edit or Cancel
  1. Create an account
  2. Add a Payment Method
  3. Select Pick-up & Drop-off locations
  4. Choose the best offer for you

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