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A smarter, safer ride

Providing regularly maintained, Lumi-branded vehicles with a 5-star safety rating is just one aspect of how we ensure passenger safety. All our drivers are highly vetted, pass Police Checks, hold Working With Children Check cards and complete ongoing training.

We also have a robust Covid-safe plan for each driver and car and always provide masks, sanitiser and a clean car for a safe trip, every time.

You can trust Lumi to take your kids to soccer practice or your ageing parent to the doctor.

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At the intersection of data, design, and technology

Our safety ecosystem utilises technology and processes to ensure safety, focusing on four key areas: PPE, vehicle safety, tech, and dynamic service design.

How you can help ride safely during COVID-19

Keep your distance and protect yourself

Maintain social distancing wherever possible and avoid sitting directly next to your driver. Wearing a mask or cloth covering is a requirement for drivers and passengers during every Lumi trip. Use provided sanitiser and avoid travel altogether if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

Reduce contact points and do your part to keep vehicles clean

Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. Many Lumi cars have automatic doors. Don’t eat or drink inside the vehicle or share anything with other passengers or your driver.

What we're doing to keep you safe

Limiting number of passengers

Our technology allows us to limit the number of passengers allowed in vehicles. While in some markets all our rides are currently Private, in others where sharing is available we limit rider capacity to help maintain social distancing within the vehicle.

Introducing wellness checks

The Lumi app will prompt you to confirm you are symptom-free. Answer a few simple questions and you’ll be cleared to ride. Drivers complete their own wellness check, too. If we all do our part, we’ll keep our community healthy.

Enabling contact tracing to manage exposure

A big part of safety during these times is knowing when you’ve been exposed so that you can responsibly help stop the spread. If a local health department contacts us regarding an individual who has tested positive, we will work to provide them with the appropriate information for the purpose of aiding contact tracing efforts and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Keeping our drivers safe

At Lumi, all our drivers are valued team members that we want to keep safe. It's why we invest in safe, premium quality vehicles and a robust training program with LMS-based continued learning, insights and reviews.

What you can do to keep safe while working

Stay protected

Wearing a mask or cloth covering is a requirement for drivers and passengers during every Lumi trip. Passengers must wear them too, and if they aren’t, you can ask them to do so or decline a ride if they won’t comply. Limit unnecessary contact with passengers such as helping with luggage and handing out items in the vehicle unless necessary. Avoid working if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or any close contacts to someone who has tested positive.

Maintain social distance

Ask riders to keep a social distance by leaving an empty seat between each other. We are limiting the number of riders on board to accommodate this.

When possible, open vehicle doors automatically, and avoid having riders sit next to you — we want to keep you safe!

Enabling contact tracing

Lumi has systems in place to assist with contact tracing efforts in the event a passenger or driver tests positive to COVID-19 or has a close contact. We'll work with a local health department to collect information and aid contact tracing efforts in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

What we're doing to help protect you

Introducing wellness checks

When logging into the Lumi Driver app, you’ll be prompted to confirm you are symptom-free and safe to drive.

You must self-monitor for temperature and symptoms and stay home if you feel sick or if you know you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

Riders will complete wellness checks, too. Let’s all do our part to keep cities moving safely. Together.

Distributing protective and cleaning supplies

We want to be helpful and mindful in supporting you with the implementation of these new safety measures. So, while supplies last, we are:

Making PPE available to you.

Making vehicle cleaning supplies accessible to you.

Limiting number of riders on board

Sharing is important, but safe sharing is even more important. So we are limiting the number of riders that you can have on a ride to minimize the risk and help maintain a safe distance between everyone on board.

Enabling contact tracing to manage exposure

We know you are on the road a lot, and that means being in contact with many different riders every day. So staying safe is not your only concern — making sure riders are riding safely is, too. We are providing riders with safety measures and working with local regulators to notify you if you’ve been exposed, while respecting your privacy.


Lumi enforces all local government regulations. All drivers must pass numerous document verifications and the required background checks including being accredited to drive in the state they are driving in. There are limitations in the Lumi app to how many hours a driver can be driving for to combat driver fatigue. All vehicles must not exceed the set age of the state they are driving in and must pass an initial inspection and their yearly check-ups.


Lumi will assist law enforcement agencies with all investigation requests. Helping the police helps to keep our community safer.


We want to look out for each and every member of our community. The following guidelines are meant to ensure that drivers and riders will feel safe, respected, and at ease while using the Lumi app.


Our community is powered by self-reflection. We are always looking for opportunities to improve. We use such listening tools as regular safety surveys, our customer service channels, the Driver Advisory Council, focus groups and other research methods to ensure the features and procedures we create are fit for you. You can even click here to provide feedback!

How we handle safety incidents

We take all reports of safety incidents seriously. Our dedicated Incident Response team was designed to assist whenever required and make decisions that keep our community safe. This team has been specifically trained to handle all types of cases with fairness, empathy and care. Our Incident Response team performs full investigations to ensure fair and logical resolutions are met.

Please click here to pre-book with a minimum of 24 hour in advance for our Care team to service you effectively/efficiently. We are available from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

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