Ride with lumi

As a Lumi passenger, you enjoy concierge-style chauffeur service within your community by locals, driving other locals. No long waits in peak times, no cancelled trips and no surge pricing when you need a ride most.

Concierge-style rides

By controlling the end-to-end customer care and service model, passengers can enjoy more consistent and higher levels of service.

On time, every time

Pre-booked rides always arrive on time. We never cancel trips, our prices are transparent and never change based on demand or time of day.

Guaranteed safety and accountability

Our drivers are all screened, hold a Working With Children Check card, pass Police Checks and complete ongoing Lumi training programs. The Lumi app features ride tracking so parents and loved ones can follow every journey.

Vulnerability not ignored

Partnerships with Health and Aged Care Facilities, NDIS, Disability Centres and Government to capture data into agendas on women and safety, gender-based violence, vulnerable people and more

Please click here to pre-book with a minimum of 24 hour in advance for our Care team to service you effectively/efficiently. We are available from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Or Click here to start talking to us using your mobile phone

The Lumi difference

Why ride with Lumi?

We will take you where ever you want to go no matter your circumstance. The train station, the beach, the shops, your hair appointment, tennis practice, your favourite restaurants for lunch or dinner in the evening with safe, sustainable and accessible services.

Need to get to the train?

Need to get to the train?

Any body who’s ever driven to a train station knows there’s never a car park. Ever! So you drive to the next station, same thing. By this time you’re late and you drive to work more stressed out than you started.

This sounds crazy to us, so simply book a ride with Lumi to arrive at the train station happy and on time.

For our senior stars!

For our senior stars!

We take care of your mum! She has her hair done every Wednesday at 3pm and goes to the shops on every Friday at 10am sharp. And when your regular taxi driver can’t take her because he has an airport ride, you hear all about it.

Let’s help Mum. She (or you) can Pre-Book with lumi, read all about the driver and get to the shops on time. She may even make a local friend along the way.

Star treatment

Star treatment

Just because getting around may require a bit of gear, shouldn’t limit your get up and go. Pre-Book with lumi, tell us what your needs are and we will have it covered by sending a Lumi to suit.

Precious cargo Kids

Precious cargo

Your children can finally ride safely knowing that each driver has passed a police check and holds a WWC Card. Parents can track the ride within the app to ensure safe pickups and drop offs.

We know they are precious cargo, so we are all about giving you peace of mind.

Share the ride

Share the ride

Having the strictest wellbeing, safety and car cleanliness practices, you will be OK with sharing a ride with your neighbour to the station. Book a Lumi share ride and save as you will still get there on-time, safely and it will cost less.

Package delivery

Package delivery - Coming Soon!

Affordable, on-demand, local delivery.

Local means low cost fees.

2 hours or less guaranteed.

Real time package tracking.

Ride with us!