BE A STAR, BE LUMINOUS! Drive with lumi

Chauffeur services that works better for both drivers and passengers

As a driver for Lumi, you're an important part of your local community and receive support, benefits and a sense of belonging that is unique to the commercial passenger industry.

Secure, flexible employment

Lumi drivers enjoy secure, consistent work within their local community with full employee benefits, while at the same time still enjoying flexibility and being close to home

Sustainable employment

Lumi's vehicles are high-quality and always clean. Launching our Australian EV and WAV-compliant zero emission vehicle trial with local Victorian Government, futher enables our employment model.

Pre-booked local rides

The vast majority of Lumi trips are booked in advance, making your job easier. Passengers using the on-demand service encouraged to allow for up to a 15-minute arrival. Lumi's rostering system means drivers know their routes and schedules each day.

Weekly payouts

Lumi drivers enjoy the benefits of both flexibility and full time employment, including entitlements such as a car allowance, superannuation, and annual and sick leave.

Please click here to pre-book with a minimum of 24 hour in advance for our Care team to service you effectively/efficiently. We are available from 6am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Or Click here to start talking to us using your mobile phone

Benefits with lumi

  • Preview destination

  • Drop-off destination filters

  • Trip distance preview

  • Safety training

  • Private numbers

  • TripCheck

  • Share trip

  • Rider unmatch

  • In-app instant messenger

  • Dedicated customer support team

  • In-app service centre