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Lumi provides a premium concierge customer experience for businesses looking to offer bespoke driving services to their customers, clients, patients or staff.

Lumi Concierge - a chauffeur service, not a rideshare service

Lumi Concierge partners have access to an exclusive booking portal that allows them to offer rides as an additional service offering. Our drivers integrate Lumi’s values of care, respect and ethics to act as an extension of your business.

Transport clients

Door-to-door service gets more people through your door and gives your business the opportunity to go the extra mile, make your business more accessible or offer an exclusive add-on service to loyal customers.

Delivery services

Lumi Concierge can also be used to deliver goods. This service is cost-effective and free of surge pricing as it uses Lumi drivers already operating in the area. We’ll even deliver just 1km away. You set the delivery schedule and we’ll promptly deliver the goods with care.

Transport for staff

Get your staff to and from work and meetings without any hassle. Save your team time and money by avoiding parking costs and time wasted in tra c. An opt-in/opt-out concierge service for staff members can foster greater reliability and build respect and strong relationships within the workplace.

The safest services

Lumi Concierge is operated by Lumi employees. Typical driving companies incur significant costs using hundreds of contractors incentivised to work in order to deliver fast, on-demand services for customers.

By planning ahead through pre-booking, we can utilise our smaller pool of dedicated drivers to deliver on our promise of a safe, sustainable and accessible service.

Test Lumi Concierge

Lumi offers our partners the ability to test Lumi Concierge through credit and an agreed number of trips or timeframe.

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